The funded trader must have a Stop Loss placed within the 1 minute after placing the order
for every and each pending limit order, stop order, and/or market order and for all open trades.

The funded trader must take into consideration that every market order, pending order, or
stop order has a stop loss of a max of 1.5% risk of the initial account balance $. This means that
if the funded trader’s account is $10,000, each position’s max risk should be no more than 1.5%
x $10,000 = $150 per position.

If the funded trader opens multiple positions on the same currency pair, each position’s risk
can be up to 1.5% of the initial account balance (not current recent balance). So, the funded
trader can open multiple positions with 1.5% risk each. For example, the funded trader cannot
risk 3% in one trade. However, he/she can open 2, or more, positions with 1.5% risk each on
the same or different pairs.

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