Do I Get Disqualified Immediately If I Break Any of The Rules?

You do NOT get disqualified immediately if you make a genuine mistake. Elite Profits is flexible and does not try to catch you on genuine mistakes regarding the following rules. 1. Exceeding the max 1.5% max Stop Loss risk per position. 2. closing trades without a Stop Loss. When breaking any of the rules above, […]

What Is The Leverage?

The Leverage on the accounts is 1:10. It allows enough lots for all kinds of traders from scalping to swing trading. The more profit you make on the accounts the more lots you can open because of the buffer generated from the extra profits on the account. You can also scale into open positions.

How Long Can I Stop Trading During The Funded Trader Program?

The evaluation period starts from the day of issuing the funded account. The trader has up to 1 year to complete the evaluation and meet all the requirements. Once becoming a Portfolio Manager, the trader can stay up to 2 months without any trading activity, after which we will freeze your account. So, please make […]

Do I Pay Any Fees After The Evaluation?

No. There are no fees whatsoever after the 1st payment at the beginning of the evaluation. Also, there are no monthly or hidden fees. We are 100% transparent in our fee structure.

Hard Stop Loss Value of 1.5% per position

The funded trader must have a Stop Loss placed within the 1 minute after placing the order for every and each pending limit order, stop order, and/or market order and for all open trades. The funded trader must take into consideration that every market order, pending order, or stop order has a stop loss of […]

Evaluation Phase

The Evaluation Phase is the first stage of the Funded Trader Program, where it is provided for the practical part of their educational journey to become a Portfolio Manager


Elite Profits provides the trading platform MT4 to its funded traders. The funded trader will have full control of the trading platform. Elite Profits will not interfere with any funded trades unless the trader is not complying with the risk management policies. Elite Profits provides MT4 platform on Windows OS only. Any trader with a […]


Anyone who is above 18 years. Traders from any nationality from Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Australia, & New Zealand. The funded accounts are available for individual traders and companies to trade the CTI’s capital during both the Evaluation and Portfolio Manager Phases. ID as proof of identity. This is to prove that […]